Posted: May 10, 2013 in Poetry, Relationship Poetry

What I miss the most
Is being close…
having someone to share my heart with
Who wouldn’t judge me, and would be there thick and thin
Because no matter how close you are with friends
There’s something special and sacred within
A relationship with someone you can trust
Without fear of them blowing away with the dust
And even with God, it still feels like I’m missing
That physical side, hugs, the intimacy of kissing…
And it’s not the act, pleasure, or feelings
But the closeness and security that she’d been dealing
I used to “know” her supply would never run dry
But now I know that was just a pretty lie
I know the real thing is still out there waiting
That not all that we shared was a myth I was chasing
Things are a lot different and we’re different people now
For better or worse, no matter what, used to be her vow
She decided she needed better
Moved on, changed, like Cleveland weather.
But that will never mean that what we had was just a dream
And just because she left doesn’t mean I should be searching
To find a replacement to fix my withdrawl
In fact, I’m better off forgetting it all
Before I move on, I need to know nothing is left here
So yea, it’ll be a few years.


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