Can’t help but wonder.

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Other Poetry, Poetry

What’s he got that I don’t?
The answer is you.
You’re telling me we’re so similar
But ultimately he’s the better of the two?
That he treats you really well,
like I didn’t too?
That he’s using my words
and almost walking in my shoes?
You tell me I’m good at everything
so is he better at loving you?
What made you fall for him
and let fall this precious jewel?
You told me you fell after the kiss
But you kissed me too, how cruel.
I want to win you back
Knowing that’s the thought of a fool
Words I shouldn’t say
are being written now, my tools
You’re attracted to talent
You always wanted someone with potential
But it seems like you left that
To stop big gulps of pint fulls
And worse it seems only to happen
Because I wasn’t around you
And spending more time with him
Makes it feel more comfortable
There’s only one thing left to say
That’s a load of bull…

  1. marcielynns says:

    What’s he have that you don’t
    The newness of the relationship
    which in time, he won’t.
    He’s got the giggles and flutters
    She craves and longs for
    But very quickly there sure to be shutters.
    He’s got tons of energy
    That will be drained soon
    As he starts managing her anxiety.
    He has what she’s been searching for
    Things she didn’t get from her dad
    But soon she’ll be looking for so much more.
    Because she’s not healed
    It’s only a matter of time
    He’ll hurt too, his fate has been sealed.
    What’s he have the you don’t, you ask
    Blinders for only what’s in the present
    Not hindsight and hurts from the past.

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