“Love” Game

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

My love, no matter how far away
Is the one that can brighten my day
When I see her words fail to say
What stirs inside me doesn’t convert to sound waves
She’s beautiful in every way
Her mind, her heart, her voice, I’m here to stay
But she wasn’t and left me, went away

I’ll probably never meet her again
And someone else occupies the body she lived in
Like taking a bite from an apple before it rots
Feeling good about a bet until you throw in your lot
She lied and cheated her way to my name
Ready to give it I gave her a ring
And she dropped it for the next man who came
Halfway for her, and she’s to blame
You know what they call that? Premature. Unfain.
She never used to believe in this game
That she’s playing now, for shame.


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