Posted: May 4, 2013 in Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

She found herself amongst the rubble
of a shattered heart filled with trouble
And so many eyes on her that she was afraid to move
feet sunk into someone else’s shoes
Slowly she fell into conformity
Fell into the arms of the man who called her pretty
Held close the ideals of comfortable security
Forgot herself under all the eye’s scrutiny
She watched as she made mistakes
Feeling helpless and out of place
The boy believed it wasn’t her fault
But who could argue with all the results?
She allowed it to continue, both good and bad
Tears cried, truth, lies, and moments had
All while standing in someone’s shoes not her own
But she felt it groaning within, a path being shown
So one more mistake was all it took to reveal
That she could be happier without watching the reel
Of that life that wasn’t truthfully her’s
And now was the time, even though it hurts.
She took the leap of faith and tears
And brought herself back from all these years
Now she stands in shoes that fit her
For once, maybe she feels fit in the mirror
This is a fresh start, though the beginning was horrid
Never again will she go back, move forward and forward.


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