Mother’s Day Poem

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Holiday Poetry, Poetry

Dear Mother,
I appreciate your care.
You are like no other,
And I’m glad you are here,
Without you I would not exist,
Without you I could not be me,
Because of you I have this
Life I can live and live free
Where would I be if you did not love?
Where would I be if you refused my pain?
I believe I would not know of
All the good and bad in life, the sun and the rain.
You are the reason for this day,
You are the reason we all have to celebrate,
Because you gave life that I may
Get a chance to love and carry on your traits
On to grandchildren and create
A family of my own someday
But until then, I think it’s great
To have a mom like you this Mother’s Day.

(: Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there. And especially to the one I love the most, you know, the one that actually did this for me and my brother. I know we can be a pain sometimes and it’s hard to be a mom, but I hear it’s the most rewarding set of jobs on the planet. And you can always get payback when you can send the grandkids home pumped full of sugar and caffeine and the noisiest toys to play with. Might be a while before you can do that though. I wish a tremendously awesome day for all moms and grandmas, and the biggest smiles to them today.

  1. marcielynns says:

    I would do it all over again. i have been very blessed with two sons who always seem to make me proud. We’ve been through a lot together in your short number of years. Sometimes I wish i could change the past, but then I look at who you have become and I wouldn’t risk changing that. Thank you for always hanging with me, being there with me, and being who God designed you to be.

    Love you too!

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