Why do I believe in love?

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Love Poetry, Poetry
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The question struck me like a hurricane,

Out of no where, I know not from where it came.

Love in what I believe to be love I believe in,

Falling deeply, passionately trusting and feeling,

Senseless romance and hopeless binding of fate

It’s so much more than simple-minded dinner dates.

I believe in love, but why is it so real?

What makes complex, convex, inward ways that I feel that (of which) I feel?

Why believe in the words and deeds of others as proof of an existence,

That is impossible to touch, smell, taste, or feel in a cadence?

My best of words won’t refrain to explain the membrane of the same

Edges of the line in a rhyme like sublime paraphrases for the soul.

I’ll do my best to put feelings to thoughts and thoughts to words

Like melodies to music and music to band nerds.

Something not appreciated but evident and real

Where within the future lies without much appeal

And now I’ll dare be bold enough to beg myself the question of,

Why do I believe?… Why do I believe in love?

I believe in love because of the birds and the bees,

I believe in love because of flowers and the trees,

I believe in love because of the men who know how to treat women,

I believe in love because there’s food in grandma’s kitchen,

I believe in love because of the night sky and summer sun,

I believe in love because of the places I know it’s safe to run,

I believe in love because of sacrifice and forgiveness,

I believe in love because of hugs and kisses,

I believe in love because hate is real,

I believe in love because it conquers evil,

I believe in love because it’s easier not to,

I believe in love because I’m not alone and neither are you,

I believe in love because we exist in this galaxy,

I believe in love because it was given to me,

I believe in love because of the cross and the shame,

I believe in love because of His holy name.

The list goes on and on and the time we have grows short,

But I want to say that love is more than chasing skirts.

I desire with all my being that you understand this truth,

Love is a choice, choices bear fruit.

Fruit causes growth, growth takes root.

Roots grow strong, strong feelings are proof,

Proof that there is love, love is worth a shot.

Love isn’t simple but it’s all we’ve got,

Because He is love, the love that I believe in,

Our Savior who gave all of himself, unrelenting.

PS- A Short Blurb:

xD Hope you enjoyed that… I was thinking about what a friend of mine said recently, and I didn’t have an answer for them at the time as to what makes love real to me. A lot of people look at me and my best friend/girlfriend of 8 1/2 months and wonder why we are the way we are and why we’re not just another teenage high-school couple. What really makes us any different? It’s because we believe in love and because we believe that love is a choice. You can choose to see love or ignore it, but it’s everywhere. Love isn’t about me, it’s not about her, it’s about Him, and as long as we know that we’ll be happy to have the greatest gift that He’s ever given us and continue to fall for each other more and more. It’s not about what she can do for me, or what I can do for her, it’s not about feelings and chemistry and it’s not even about a future or a relationship. Love for us is about appreciating the person God put in our path and enjoying the walk with them wherever He takes us. The more we travel along this road called life the more I know the person I’m next to, and the more I realize she’s the perfect princess for me and she brings out the best in me and I desire with all my heart to do the same for her and to be her hero. I hope this touches the people seeking answers and anyone else that reads it. These words are my own and they came from my heart, I love language and I always say that words are my best friend and worst enemy. If you share this, please credit me so that other people can read my other writings as well. Dedicating this to all the people who don’t believe in love because they’ve been hurt so many times in so many ways it’s unbelievable, literally. I want you to know my heart aches for you. This was for you.

  1. marcielynns says:

    Very wise words. Very beautiful poem. Proud of you!

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