Posted: February 27, 2011 in Other Theology, Theology, Uncategorized

You know, I’ve always thought about how to prove what I believe only to conclude that it’s by how I live what I believe. In all of this, it never occurred to me to think what my life would be without the One I dearly love and believe in that I can even have a belief to live out. As I thought about it, the more and more the thought of life without Him churned in my mind it tormented me with a description of hell on earth. My life would suck, I would be in shambles and pieces and have given up so many times and striven all for nothing even if things were going fine, even if I was happy it would mean nothing. It makes me wonder how people survive a life without peace that surpasses all understanding and without real love and true purpose, which I had never given a second thought having known them from childhood. The term “saved” doesn’t do this life that I have in this One justice, but I believe the word “found” might. In His arms I am found, I have need of nothing. The storm will pass, and I will still be tightly surrounded with His arms, I know I will be ok, there is nothing that can take me away or shake me because my feet are firmly planted in the palm of this One who holds me, all other ground is sinking sand. This One is real, here is Someone to be counted on in the raging storms and stresses in life, He is gentle with me, and within afflictions that are so unbearable He comforts my soul despite my despair and distress. I may suffer but all is gain because of this One that I know who has found me. Even in death for me there is peace for I know this One who holds death captive and judgement in satisfaction with His own blood. This One is my foundation, from which my life grows. No one will take His place, should I lose Him I will lose myself because He is all that I have and He deserves all that I am. Had He not found me, I can barely think of who and where I’d be. What’s not to love about this One?

(Originally posted Friday, August 6, 2010 at 12:56am)


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