Posted: February 27, 2011 in Other Theology, Theology

Perspective… from yours you never really think about all the possibilities and outcomes and what things are like at a different angle because you simply can’t comprehend it, you can only see the possibilities that are in the direction you’re facing. Considering what your friend is going through and thinking is hard enough, but plausible, the same cannot be said about the person you don’t know that lives a million and a half miles away. God’s perspective must be so grand, looking down from heaven seeing all the possibilities and potential and every person’s point of view is within His sight. Perhaps if we turn our gaze upward we can see the reflection of His gaze in His eyes filled with love for us who have caught His attention over all of His creation. Maybe then we’ll see purpose and perhaps even begin to understand one another better… The problem is, we’ll become blind to the things around us if we’re looking up, but if it’s the price to be paid I’ll assume it worth it, after all He is still watching over me. What does anything else matter? His glory has caught my attention, and I don’t want it to let me go.

(Originally posted Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 11:51am)


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