Posted: February 27, 2011 in Sermon

Just so you have fair warning, if you continue reading there is a risk for life change or for the way that you think about God to change. Even if nothing changes it will challenge you or possibly help you to see God more clearly. If you’re comfortable where you are now, you can stop reading, I’m not stopping you, but if you continue there’s no gaurentee you’ll be the same person you are now when you finish. This is something I’m still working on in myself too, my hope is that iron can sharpen iron here and we can both grow. My goal in writing is this: To change lives to help people to understand God, His ways, and His Word and to equip others to better work for God according to the purpose He’s laid on their lives, ultimately to further God’s kingdom. My blogs are meant to read in parts so that you let it soak in, please take a month to read through it and study off on your own about what I’m saying, take it a paragraph a week, or read it all and go back and study then read it again a few times so it soaks in, it’s up to you but please take the time to meditate on it so you’re sure you get it. A thousand words you don’t understand are worth less than a sentence that you do, so imagine if you could understand all of the thousand words how much better it is than the one sentence.

I want you to realize something before you start reading, even after the intro thing, if you believe yourself a Christian, you are called to a purpose and accountable to it. 2 Thessalonians 2:13-15 and Romans 8:28-30, and I encourage you to read the rest of the chapter for both of these quotes too. I mean, it’s God’s Word. It’s not just a novel concept that we should actually read it, it’s necessary…

In order for people to be reached, healed and renewed, they must first be brought to where God is because God is the Great Physician and Counselor. The problem is, where can they find Him?

Alot of people have trouble finding Christ because He just isn’t around anymore, physically. It’s our job now to reach people and be His hands and His feet. He intercedes for us but who intercedes for them? And the problem isn’t one that can’t be fixed, it’s not even that we don’t see the reaching, healing, and refreshing, it’s that it isn’t a constant day to day thing in our lives. The problem generally isn’t that we aren’t letting God move or even that we’re not growing and stretching ourselves, sometimes it’s just that we don’t have enough God to spill over. Last Tuesday I heard something that helped me realized just what the problem was, we see our experiences with God as filling and that we are to pour ourselves out for others… but then we’re empty and we need to fill up again, and that’s not how it should be, we should be so consumed with our love for God and our need for Him and our awe of Him in our lives that we are constantly filling to the point that what we are giving out is simply overflow. And overflow comes naturally when you’re already full, in fact I don’t know a cup in the world that has a choice NOT to overflow and spill out when it’s constantly being filled. Think about it, what if you were so filled with God that the filling took hold of your life and what was on the inside came out? That is to say, what if your life was consumed by what God had already placed inside of you? What if your life was consumed by God and what He designed you for became possible?

I guess understanding what it means to live a consumed life is important if we want to do it, I mean, overflow doesn’t happen by happenstance. When I think about something being consumed I think of something surrounded by fire burning away and all that is left after the fire is pure, raw material. Something so unnatural made of nature and power, untapped potential being reached and unseen beauty revealed. Here’s the thing, this power that you can have in your life, it requires being burned. I feel like God is trying to move alot of us to a new season, and bring out what He’s placed inside of us when He created us. Quoting JB, sometimes something that may have been deadly for us at one point in our lives can be absolutely necessary for our life now. Like a bird, if it never gets pushed out of the nest will never learn to fly, or a medal that has never went through the fire can’t be a wedding ring, or a diamond that is never chiseled out of the ground can never sparkle. I think, including me, that it’s about time that we take another step toward our purpose and break free from whatever is holding us back. What is stopping you from living your purpose today? What in your life will you have to become vulnerable to achieve?

I love looking at the characteristics of God, who He is can define what He does and who we should be. It’s the characteristics of God that should define the details of our lives and that can allow us to fulfill our common calling as Christians, to be more like Christ and follow in His footsteps, and especially help us to live out our purposes individually. Rather than basing who we are or should be or our fears and our faults on the lies of the world, we should be giving it up to Him and placing His values in our lives and allowing Him to take control. If we base who we are on Him, then maybe it will be a little easier to see our actual faults and what we’re called to do in life with the things we share in common with God. The things we’re passionate about, imagine if the God of the universe was passionate about the same thing, like seeing the blind see again, or seeing the lost found, or how about the broken being repaired? What if your passion was a characteristic of God? How powerful would it be to share a passion with God and be able to act on it? I believe He’s placed a passion on your heart and called you to a purpose, I believe He made you with all the tools you need to fulfill that purpose He’s given you, I believe that you only need to be consumed by God to release those tools inside of you and to bring out the diamond you already are.

Seek God and try to find whatever it is that might be holding you from living out your purpose, or even finding your purpose. If I could encourage you to do one thing, it would be to find out who God is. If you can know the Creator, what can be more important to you than that? Get intimate, go deep, reach farther, be vulnerable, fall in love, feel the passion, and catch ablaze…

((Updates 5/18/10))

You were made, designed even, for a time such as this. There is something about you that God can use, something that He’s put in you for a purpose that only you can fulfill, you’re special to God if no one else. We each have a call on our lives to fulfill personally and the only thing that holds us accountable is God, or should I say the God of the universe knows you and has His expectations because He sees the potential in you that He doesn’t want anyone else to know about the beauty of it that He sees until He releases it. Funny thing about God is that He’s so perfect in His approach that sometimes even you won’t now about it until He releases you to act in it, and sometimes He’ll have you make the decision to act in it yourself. The point is, He knows you, and you’re here because you were designed to be. He perfectly designed you and He’s waiting to see the flower bloom.

I’ve already said that the way we can release the potential that can help us fulfill our calling is by consuming ourselves in God, in His word and in His character. The problem is that sometimes we aren’t always willing to give in, the problem is our pride or our lack of faith, perhaps even selfishness. How can we lay down everything we are at His feet? Where can we start to break off everything that hinders that we may run to Christ? What is hold us out of the fire? That’s a personal question, I can’t help you with finding your stronghold but the odds are you already know what I’m talking about. I suggest you meet with a therapist or pastoral counselor to identify and destroy them.

Strongholds are some pretty serious things, even the little ones can take years to conquer in our lives if we don’t know how to handle them or try to beat them alone even if we are doing everything right. I can say that from experience, even in a Christian household there are things you can still struggle with. This Sunday(5/16/10) Paul gave us steps to get rid of strongholds, seriously check it out. Don’t let anything hold you back from your potential and your calling that you were designed for by the God that loves you.

Oh, and if you want you can join a group of us that are doing a 40 day fast. The fast is basically to see God move in our lives and in our city. It’s not fasting anything specific just whatever God lays on your heart to fast, doesn’t have to be food or even something physical, but if you want to fast don’t forget to pray or it’s just a pointless diet/boycott.


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