A Vision of a Cup

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Other Theology, Theology

Ok, wow, I swore to myself that I was going to note this and then forgot and just in the nick of time remembered so yea…

So today at the prayer meeting I saw a bit of a vision, and I know that this cup thing has been used a bit lately but who’s to say God can’t keep using it. But there was a cup in two parts and water overflowing from it, the top of the cup was just a bowl and the bottom was like a stand for the bowl to sit on and the water overflowing surrounded the cup but first hit all the areas near the cup.

I feel like we, individually, are the bowls, plain and ordinary nothing special but still designed for a purpose and an important tool that people need. We may not be super-human like the apostles seem to be but we can reach people, the apostles were just ordinary people too, but they had a calling on their life and they listened. The stand represents the people closest to us, the Christians we surround ourselves with and the iron that sharpens our iron or our partners in life. Nothing can separate us so long as gravity holds us together because we have a common cause, the stand makes the bowl a cup and the bowl makes the stand a handle so that both can be used to their full potential. The bowl might be useful for other things but it can’t fulfill it’s greatest purpose without the stand. I’m not even going to bother explaining the water, God can speak for Himself here, or I’d hope so, He’s been talking about Himself for years. Anyway, the ground directly around the cup represents the people who are in direct contact with us, the people we know that aren’t saved or aren’t living a life with hope and a future, maybe family or friends or even classmates, the people we’re responsible for. What I saw in the vision wasn’t that they were getting wet, or poured on, but that they were getting drenched in the water because of the overflow. What I think God is ultimately saying is this, if we would surround ourselves with the right people that can lift us up and would fill our lives with Him to the point that we’re bursting at the seems then the people around us are just going to get drenched in the overflow of His presence and there won’t be any denying that we serve a God that lives. That our lives alone will be enough to prove that a God that loves them exists to an unbelieving generation. Are you so full of God that your life can speak volumes? I believe that God isn’t saying do A and B and C and Z will happen, I think God is saying that if we’re ready He’s about to pour out something new, and maybe already has.

(Originally posted Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 11:59pm)


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